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Happy Mix

Happy Mix


Acrylic and mixed media painting

on birch plywood panel

Float mounted in a white frame

30cm x 30cm

2022 / #1038


An artwork created for Global ARTelier21 - A global art collective I'm part of. Nine artists, six countries, one passion


This piece encapsulates joyful vibes with a serene feeling too….This piece is a celebration of our global art group. Happy colours and joyful marks to celebrate the coming together of a warm hearted, dynamic and passionate group. A passion for art being the golden thread that connects us all together. Created using an unfinished board I started on the art course we all met on in 2021…adding even more history - a special piece!


It’s a celebration of all the different ‘happy feelings’ you get from friendship…laughs, generous sharing of advice and thoughts, using each other’s strengths and skills to help each other out and support one another, shared interests and different interests, inspiration and joyful wins!

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