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I’m Lisa and I'm an artist...


and I have been
all my life!


Art making for me is a perfect way to switch off from the world and lose myself in something that makes me feel good. To draw, to paint, to collage…or to simply scribble brings me so much joy.


I’m a mixed media artist who loves to create vibrant, contemporary and intuitive abstract paintings.


I’ve been creative all my life but when the pandemic hit in 2020, and we were all isolated, I finally had the time to slow down, and explore more, my love for painting. It’s been such an uncertain time but pulling out my paints and losing myself in the process I felt happy and was able to switch off from everything. I soon learnt that applying the paint freely and loosely enabled me to let go of the perfectionist in me too. I don’t need everything to be neat and perfect! I play and get my hands covered in paint! 

I don’t plan out the look of my paintings - I just get started! I might have an idea I’ve been exploring or a feeling I’d like to paint or sometimes I’m just drawn to certain colours and start from there. I begin by loosely and energetically applying the paint and working intuitively, responding to the marks I make. I do this for a while. I push through the ‘messy middle’ (a time that most artists face when creating a piece. Everything looks a bit wonky, and doubt starts to kick in!) but I trust that most of the time I’ll get through it and slowly the painting starts giving me clues as to what it wants to be! Certain areas start to grab my attention - dry brush marks, the marks from a pencil, colours that I wouldn’t necessarily put together. I then work to refine the piece looking at the values and the composition until I’m happy and feel the piece is finished.

I work mainly in acrylics and mixed media, always working in layers to build up and add lots of interest and texture. I don’t limit myself to just using paintbrushes whilst I create - old credit cards, sticks and trowels make great marks, often taking my control out of the situation and adding a little bit of surprise!

I’m currently drawn to mark making, abstract shapes, gelli printing collage papers, opaque and transparent layers, curves, line work and loose brush marks. 


Expressing myself through art is perfect for me.
I’m a fairly quiet soul but give me some paints and a blank canvas
and the expressive, bold and fun marks
just come out of me and
I absolutely LOVE it! It’s so freeing.



When I’m not busy raising
our two children alongside
my husband, I’m tucked away
in my garden studio
with a colourful array of paint,
sketchbooks, a jumble of
paintbrushes and mark making
tools, playing with colour,
creating art (and almost always
making a mess along the way too!) 

To build up my understanding and strengthen my knowledge of art making...

I jumped into the Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton, founder of Art2Life, completing the program in 2021. This was a fantastic course for me, helping me to understand lots of art making principles including value, design, colour, texture, risk, soul and the course really helped to build my confidence and get into the right mindset of an artist.

The doors are now open with Nicholas Wilton and his team offering the Creative Visionary Program again for this year (2024) and I really recommend it. You can find out more by clicking here. You can also read more about it from me here.

Scroll through for some of the work I did 

and click on any of the images to enlarge and find out more.



'The Mercer Open' - Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

17th Sept 2022 - 8th Jan 2023

Mark Making & Collage Workshop - Cobbles & Clay, Haworth

7th Dec

Denman's Restaurant, Shelf, West Yorkshire

'The Landscape We Feel' - Inspired by... gallery, Danby, North Yorkshire

9th April - 22nd May

Saltaire Arts Trail, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

30th April - 2nd May

'Walk In Style' - Window Display, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

28th April - 3rd May


Inspired, Danby Sat 11th Feb - Sun 21st May.

An exhibition showcasing over 140 artists who are taking part in North Yorkshire Open Studios 2023

More Details

Acrylic Workshop - Cobbles & Clay, Haworth

27th April


The first Global ARTelier 21 group show at The YAH factory, Milan
13th May - 27th May 
More Details

North Yorkshire Open Studios

3/4th and 10th/11th June More Details

VIRTUAL ART SUMMIT 2023 - Return to Play

Guest artist - More Details


Saltaire Art Gallery - 19th Jan - 28th April

Inspired, Danby - dates to be confirmed

North Yorkshire Open Studios

1/2nd and 8/9th June More Details


Listen to me being interviewed by the wonderful 'Creative Ways' podcast host

Emma Isaacs to find out more about me!




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